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Film for heart health

Check out our latest film made with Coventry university, The Belgrade Theatre (Coventry) and Highly Sprung Theatre. The film will be shown in primary schools across the region to teach children how to look after your heart and help those around them.

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1 Comment

Voice Power
Voice Power
Apr 30, 2021

I find this clip partially useful and partially wrong.

A friend reunion without food - what about it!?

Sometimes, adults rerun preconceived ideas.

Are children absolutely focused on food!?

Not in my experience, I can reassure you.

Of course, most actors are special kids.

To encourage their movie production,

We can agree that they played a role.

What about heart health & diet link

Being shown as a sit &drink time,

Or better, walk by the seashore.

A garden, a schoolyard, a gym!

Just wandering & wondering!

(Sica Lucian Matei's opinion)

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