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Communicate 2U is a social enterprise based in Birmingham, West Midlands . The company was set up in response to the number of people with learning disabilities being left isolated from society and unable to get the support they need due to poor communication within the health and social care sectors. 

Our mission is to improve the communication in these sectors through training, research, and innovation, whilst working collaboratively alongside people with learning disabilities and those who have alternative communication needs. The company was set up in 2011 by Annette Roebuck who is an Occupational Therapist and a director of Communicate 2U. The company's ethos is grounded in Occupational therapy  theories and values, supported by Annette's book 'Rethinking Communication in Health and Social Care'.


The Communicate 2U team is made up of occupational therapists and job coaches each bringing to the company a unique set of experience and skills in areas such as healthcare, education, and performing arts. 

"In health and social care settings it's important to remember that not everyone uses words to communicate"

Annette Roebuck (Communicate 2U Director)

What we do

Communicate 2U works in partnership with Selly Oak Trust School and South and City College in Birmingham. 

Each year we work with a group of young people with learning disabilities to deliver our services to organisations and businesses. Communicate 2U always uses creative methods to get our message across and we believe using drama, music and film also makes our sessions enjoyable for everyone involved. 


Over recent years we have provided training and support to organisations such as Coventry University, The Royal College of Nurses, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, and Selly Manor Museum.

Alongside our services we run a supported internship course for the young people giving them the opportunity to gain further work experience in the local community and complete a qualification in life and work skills. 

Services we offer 

Training in Communication Skills

The use of creative media such as drama, music, art and dance within training sessions is a unique selling point of the company and helps to ensure that training is both enjoyable and memorable.

Creation of easy-read materials 

We take an intercultural approach to knowledge ensuring that concepts, as well as language, are translated for the target audience. This is typically achieved via Easy Read, films and online materials

Service Audits 

The company has expertise in auditing staff communication skills in health and social care organisations, and auditing the accessibility of spaces. 


The company has expertise in supporting research projects where a service user perspective is required. 

Product Evaluation

The use of service users for product evaluation assists companies to evaluate the accessibility of both the product and supporting documentation.


We also offer communication consultancy for individuals or organisations working in sectors where vulnerable people are present and need to be heard with specialist experience in health & social care, education, and forensic services.

Please see our gallery for examples of our work, If you are interested in any of our services, please get in touch through our contact page.

"Very Simple to understand, making me realise communication 

does not always have to be a serious conversation with words"

Participant from Royal College of Nurses (2019)

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