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Information for parents

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Welcome to Communicate 2U, this is the right place to find out more about our company and how we support young people (16 yrs +) with learning disabilities to gain key life skills and work experience in the community. 
We have two pathways: a supported internship with Selly Oak Trust School or through one of our partnership colleges in Birmingham. 

What will my child be doing?



The interns will have the opportunity to become a Communication Expert helping to train the next generation of healthcare professionals to communicate better with vulnerable patients. Sessions use drama, music, film and games to make it fun for all. 


Work Experience

Work experience is a key part of the internship programme. In previous years interns have gained work experience in places such as the cafe and kitchen at Cotteridge Church, as well as Dementia Care, and at Saplings: a mother and toddler playgroup.



Interns will still gain a qualification in Work Skills as part of the course. South and City College students will continue to have lessons in functional skills. Maths and English skills are integrated into the course through practical activities and work experience. 


Life Skills

Life skills is another important part of the internship programme. Interns will get to learn key skills in areas such as cooking, making products to sell as part of an enterprise, and ways of managing stress and anxiety in the workplace.


Travel Training 

Teaching sessions can be based in different locations, in recent years we have travelled to places like Coventry, Hereford and Leicester. The interns get to increase their travelling experience with staff there to guide and support them.



Dedicated and experienced staff members are there to support the interns throughout their course. The majority of the course is based offsite from school or college at our community classroom in Cotteridge Church. 

Pathway to employment

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Communicate 2U has worked alongside Coventry University for a number of years providing communication training for health and social care students. As of 2019 young people who have completed the internship programme have the opportunity to work for Communicate 2U as a Mentor and get paid an hourly fee for their work as a Communication Expert with Coventry University. 

The role is part time and at this point we cannot guarantee regular hours of paid work, however the work can very rewarding for the young people who take part. At times Mentors will be expected to travel to teaching sessions independently of C2U staff and will be given a contract from the University.  During teaching sessions they will be supported by C2U Director Annette Roebuck. 

For some young people employment may be a step too far but they may want to keep teaching with Communicate 2U as and when they can. In this case volunteering with the company could be a better option. 

Hello everyone at C2U. 

We just wanted to let you know how much your work has benefitted (my son). He has enjoyed himself taking part in C2U activities at Cotteridge  church. He loved travelling on the train to Coventry and working in the cafe at Cotteridge church. 

His interaction with others away from school has helped him to develop his confidence immensely. He does not get many opportunities to interact with people other than family and at school so this has been a big confidence booster for him.

He has become more aware of other's emotions for instance our pets or smaller children in general. He is still learning each day and we are sure he will look back on his time with C2U with fondness.

Thank you for all your hard work everyone.

(Parent 2020)

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